Sit still and listen to the soundtrack.

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[3:39 A.M.]
Darling, your sunlight is weak
but there is no need for apologies.
The lines on your arms are skylines;
horizons that serve as a crib to the sun.
The moon knows your pain
and the Universe understands.
So wipe the red away;
it is not the colour of the morning sky.

[4:43 A.M.]
Believe me when I say
there are city lights in your eyes.
Your feet are cold
but your pillows are now dry.
Soon, the birds will wake
and the roosters will call.
The leaves will rustle
and your gossamer curtains will fly.
Just dream a little bit more
for the sun is stirring awake for you.

[5:56 A.M.]
Trust in me when I tell you
the streets in your heart
are no longer desolate and dark
but quiet, peaceful, and embraced by the fog.
There may be no one to wake you
but the cold is there to kiss your cheeks.
You will break through your mountains
and touch the sky with your fingertips.
Your heart is the place of the rising sun
and all the sunflowers will look up to you.

[06:10 A.M.]
Wake up now.
The world is waiting for you.

It’s A Brand New Day, Thezza B. (writinglolita)

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